Company Name : Prism Advertising

Copy Writer – Creative Ad Agency

Prism Advertising

• We are looking for a Strong, Creative and Visual Thinker with ability to think strategically in a larger context – Able to create Engaging Content with strong “Call to Action”• Contributing creatively to each stage of a project’s journey from Concept to Execution, Proofreading and Modifications.• Copy / Content writing for various integrated media services – Advertising & branding, Marketing, PR, Video & Animation, Social Media, Digital assets, Proposals & Presentations, including Strategic and Creative write-ups.• Experience of working closely with the creative team to bring executions to life. Proactive approach with the courage to suggest bold and unique ideas.• Storytelling abilities with versatility to use emotional appeal, wit and humor.• Attention to detail with the ability to spot any inaccuracies, omissions and inconsistencies with ‘Zero Tolerance’ to error.• Research oriented, Unique style, Clever use of words and vast vocabulary selection.• Ready to work in fast paced environment with exposure to Multinational Brands & Organizations from different fields.• Juggling multiple projects at once without cracking under pressure.

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