وظائف كيميائي /


 Inform Manager in cases of customer complaints or inquiries ✓ Produces quality products Shawarmer standards. ✓ Maintains a working knowledge of all products. ✓ Always maintains a clean and safe environment as defined by operational standards. ✓ Knowledgeable about Shawarmer products and its prices and new product promotions. ✓ Inform management to accidents and incidents in a timely manner. ✓ Models and promotes Shawarmer culture and values. ✓ Projects a polished, professional image always in accordance with Company uniform standards. ✓ Possesses credibility, acting with a high level of honesty and integrity in all situations. ✓ Schedules time effectively to complete role responsibilities in an efficient and organized manner. ✓ Can be counted on to arrive at work on time and prepared for the shift. ✓ Follows policy and procedure for operational flow at each station. ✓ Follows standards for food preparation, stock rotation and storing of all products, maintaining professional presentation always, ✓ demonstrating clear communication in all customer and Staff interactions. ✓ Must work on all stations (except Muallem station) ✓ Must cover all the preparation procedures ✓ Must be familiar with Chemical use and cleaning procedures

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