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Summary:Supervises the developmental projects associated with Cyclotron & Radiopharmaceuticals production. Ensures scientific implementation to the output of developmental projects.Essential Responsibilities and Duties:1. Contributes to the development of Cyclotron and Radiopharmaceuticals related developmental projects.2. Participates in writing a standard operating procedure for the developmental projects.3. Establishes up-to-date information pertinent to core facility policies and procedures.4. Presents solutions and implementation plans to Cyclotrons operations and radiopharmaceuticals production needs.5. Implements operational plan for Cyclotron& Radiopharmaceuticals production programs.6. Creates and conducts research projects that align with the mission and the strategic plan of the department.7. Performs administrative functions, including budgeting, equipment purchasing, and technical evaluation.8. Assists in facilitating the training and education within the department.9. Assists in conducting the performance evaluation.10. Participates in the budgetary planning of the department.11. Promotes and practices Good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines.12. Participates in Department/Unit specific and Hospital-wide quality improvement plan preferred.13. Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures.14. Participates in self and other’s education, training, and development, as applicable.15. Performs any other duties as assigned.Education Requirements: Ph.D. or Master’s Degree in Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Pharmacy or other related disciplines is required.Experience Required:Seven(7) years of related experience with PhD or ten (10) years with Master’s Degree is required.Extra Requirements*Evidence of accomplishment in the form of new radiotracers that have an impact on the Cyclotron and its Radiopharmaceuticals. The accomplishment should be measured as the percentage(%) of delivery of Radiopharmaceuticals to the patients.*Publications in peer-reviewed journals are required with first authorship and substantial technical and scientific contribution to the paper. The required number of paper publications depends on their quality measured by journal impact factor, the rank of the journal and complexity of the subject in the field of study.*Independent ability to write at least one(1) peer-reviewed research project as a principle investigator.*Proven records of presenting original dataat least once in a national or international meeting.*Excellent interpersonal, organizational, oral/written communication and teamwork skills are required.

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