Executive Rewards Expert|000001 – 5004770HO

Professionals at this level are responsible for providing professional support pertaining to Human Resources Planning & Development including HR Strategy and in order to ensure business continuity. Also, they are responsible for supporting on operational work processes to minimise business and people risksDevelop and maintain rewards for executives strategies, framework and guidelines including salary structure, Fixed Allowances, Variable Pay, & Recognition etc. mapped with grading structure across stc positionsDevelop and maintain Executive bonus strategy. Develop and maintain Executive total reward packages linked with grading structure. Monitor developing NRC studies for executive rewards programs. Develop, maintain and implement financial and non-financial recognition programs for Executives. Implement retention programs for Executives. Participate in job evaluation committee session, evaluate with committee members STC Executive positions. Implement compensation and benefits strategies, policies and procedures. Ensure consistency of Total Reward offered across stc Executives. Carry out periodic salary surveys and analyze Executive Total Reward surveys in the Kingdom and in GCC countries. Support stc subsidiaries on executive rewards design

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