GIS System Coordinator

الوصف الوظيفي


  • Shall report to Company Supervisors, Supervising Engineers and has overall responsibility for ensuring that key GIS work elements are managed, maintained and enhanced to meet agreed upon standards and requirements.


  •  Identifying, analyzing and defining changes to GIS applications, software and  related systems and subsystems that will maximize efficiency for better services to the users.
  • Recommend such changes to the organization and develop plans to implement them.
  • Create and enhance the programs that run the applications to ensure that specific user needs are fulfilled taking full advantage of GIS platform functions and applications.
  • Evaluating technological advances and promote the usage of appropriate technology and application
  • Prepare GIS operational status and progress reports.
  • Assist in analyzing GIS related workflows and assign/schedule work to meet priorities and goals.
  •  Act as a liaison with related data management staff and development staff
  • Supervising GIS resources.
  • Consult users to identify new data/software requirements.
  • Develop and apply GIS analysis solutions to meet other discipline specific needs
  • Manipulate GIS data to create information products to meet discipline specific needs
  • Dedication to work and commitment to work deadlines and quality standards.
  • Compliance with GIS Code of Ethics stated by GIS Certification Institute.



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