Human Resources Coordinator ( Tamheer Program )

وظائف بنوك /

Job Purpose / Objective :Responsible for processing of Employee Relations activities in the HR Services such as Timekeeping, Correction Action, issuance ID badges and certificates and monitoring of probationary evaluation. He / She will also handle employee exit process according to HMG policy and procedures.Key Responsibilities :1. Collect and check timesheets from the department for payroll purpose. 2. Handle employee corrective actions. 3. Reissue ID badge for lost and damage ID badges. 4. Request for uniform as per employee request/ entitlement. 5. Prepare, distribute and monitor probationary evaluation and inform the concern section if the employee fails probationary evaluation. 6. Prepare and issuance of all type of certificates such as Bank Loan certificates etc.7. Answer to employees inquiries regarding related issues. 8. Handle salary authorization process.9.Prepare correspondence related to area of responsibilities. 10.Process all kind of terminations according to established guidelines in timely manners. 11.Ensure that approvals from concerned approving authority are obtained in the termination paper. 12.Approve Termination of Employment (TOE) and update the system (Lynx) to monitor the status of termination. 13.Request from the concerned department for the Manual timesheet of the terminated employee. 14. Prepare and issue the clearance package to the terminated employee. 15. Ensures that the employee has completed the departure clearance and all other related documents upon separation from HMG. 16. Maintain terminated employee records ensuring adequate confidentiality of information. 17.Coordinate with respective departments for terminating employees regarding dues to employee i.e. recoupment of Iqama, Saudi Council, MOH license and exit visa or transfer of sponsorship or recruitment expenses etc. 18. Coordinate with ticketing section for flight itinerary. 19. Provide GOSI Coordinator with the final list of terminated employee on monthly basis.20. Coordinate with Finance for issues related to employee terminations and final settlement. 21.Coordinate with the concerned department to initiate the PRF for the vacant position. 22. Scanning termination documents and filing records. 23. Answer to employees inquiries regarding employee termination and related issues. 24. Participate in person-centered care initiatives undertaken by HMG. 25. Enrich patient experience with compassion, respect and dignity. 26. Perform other applicable tasks and duties assigned within the realm of his/her knowledge, skills and abilities.

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