IFRS9 Management Manager

وظائف مديرين /

Job Purpose:Work as manager for implementing IFRS 9 rules/guidelines (Governance, data, system, models, policies etc.) to ensure Expected Credit Losses are calculated as per SAMA / IFRS 9 standard.Key Accountabilities & Responsibility :Develop & update on frequent basis IFRS 9 related policies, frameworks, methodologies, manuals and procedures to align with SAMA/IFRS9 guidelines and best practices.Validate, update and develop models for various components of ECL (PD, LGD, EAD, CCF) on annual / frequent basis in compliance with regulatory / IFRS 9 requirements.Implement the models / approved logics/parameters in the IFRS 9 system to calculate the ECL in meticulous compliance with the approved model/methodology documents.Ensure IFRS 9 system stability; raise BRs/RFPs/CRs, undertake UATs, undertake sanity/accuracy checks of the calculations of the system.Data Governance; Prepare data dictionaries, warehouse and ensure availability of data/information, with accuracy and consistency, needed for modelling of various components of ECL/policies. Conduct Stress / Sensitivity Analysis as per internal / regulatory requirements. Timely preparation IFRS 9 internal and regulatory reports /disclosures with accuracy.Close all the regulatory / Internal / external Audit Observations pointed out in their reports / letter.Coordinate with IT Division for automation of disclosure / reports / data generation. Any other task assigned by Manager of department from time to time.Qualifications:Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, economics or commerce from accredited college / university.From 6-10 years of experience in relevant fields.

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