Company Name : Lotus Educational Institute

Kids Art Class Helper

  • UAE

Lotus Educational Institute

As a Kids’ Art Class Helper, you will play a vital role in creating a fun and enriching environment for children to explore their creativity and develop artistic skills. You will assist the art instructor in managing the class, ensuring the safety of the children, and providing hands-on support during art activities. Your enthusiasm, patience, and ability to engage with children will contribute to the success of the art program and the positive experience of the young artists.1. Class Preparation:• Assist in setting up the art classroom before each class, including arranging supplies, tools, and materials required for the day’s activities.• Ensure a clean and organized workspace conducive to creativity and learning.2. Child Safety and Supervision:• Maintain a safe and secure environment for all children participating in the class.• Monitor children’s behavior and activities, addressing any safety concerns promptly.• Attend to children’s needs, such as helping them with art supplies, providing guidance, and ensuring appropriate behavior.3. Assist with Art Activities:• Support the art instructor in demonstrating various art techniques and methods to children.• Help children with hands-on art projects, providing guidance and encouragement as they create their artworks.• Assist in explaining instructions and answering questions to ensure children understand the creative tasks.4. Engagement and Communication:• Interact positively with children, fostering a friendly and inclusive atmosphere where kids feel comfortable expressing themselves.• Encourage creativity and individuality among the children while maintaining a respectful and supportive tone.• Communicate effectively with both the art instructor and parents, providing feedback on children’s progress and any relevant concerns.5. Clean-Up and Organization:• Assist in cleaning and organizing the art classroom after each session, ensuring all materials are properly stored and the space is ready for the next class.• Help children clean up their workspaces and materials, teaching them the importance of responsibility.6. Problem Solving:• Handle any disruptions or conflicts among the children in a calm and professional manner.• Collaborate with the art instructor to address any challenges that arise during the class.Physical Requirements:• Ability to stand, walk, and move around the classroom for extended periods.• Capable of bending, lifting, and carrying art supplies and equipment.• Comfortable with cleaning and organizing the classroom space.

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