Company Name : غير معلَن

Kitchen Helper

غير معلَن

Looking to hire a hard-working kitchen helper to clean, stock, and maintain the kitchen.The kitchen helper’s responsibilities include retrieving ingredients from the refrigerator, freezer, and stockroom, measuring ingredients as per the cook’s instructions, and removing leftovers from plates, bowls, and glasses.He should also be able to ensure that all work areas are properly sanitized.Assisting kitchen staff to unload food supplies from delivery trucks.Properly washing and drying all dishes, utensils (Pot wash and Dish Wash),Counter area washing, Dining table & Chairs cleaning, Kitchen equipment washing, Vegetable cleaning and cutting boards cleaning.Neatly putting away all utensils, cooking instruments, dishes and cutting boards in their respective places.Packing, take-out requests as an when required.Removing garbage, replacing garbage bags, and washing garbage cans.Mopping and sweeping the kitchen areas as required.Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:High schoolMinimum 5 years’ experience in School/University hostel mess or big catering company are preferredThe ability to stand for extended periods of time.The ability to safely use kitchen equipment and appliances.Language: Hindi and EnglishCall:

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