Parts Inventory Manager

وظائف مديرين /

The ideal candidate will Strive to return a satisfactory profit on dealer capital invested in Parts Inventory. Accomplish through the use of proper purchasing procedures, inventory control, staff utilization, security, pricing, merchandising, display and advertising. Essential Duties and Responsibilities· Meets or exceeds measurable guidelines for effective performance set by the dealership management team and based on generally accepted industry standards, including inventory days’ supply, service level, true turn, stock versus emergency orders, lost sales, special orders, outside purchases etc.· Organizes and maintains the parts department in the most efficient layout.· Establishes and maintains logical locations for all parts and notes location in computer by part number.· Establishes and maintains a system for aging special-order bins.· Establishes and practices measures to deter departmental theft.· Directs an annual physical inventory and maintains a perpetual inventory bin-maintenance system.· Employs systems to minimize obsolescence.· Monitors and tracks obsolescence accruals, utilizing all available obsolescence return accruals at time of return.· Processes obsolete parts returns on a timely basis, ensuring eligibility of parts prior to return, per supplier requirements.· Develops, uses and monitors an efficient stock ordering system.· Utilizes all available discounts without exceeding stocking parameters.· Tracks lost sales.· Develops, uses and monitors emergency order placement system and schedules, and ensures proper information flow to all involved parties.· Ensures that emergency orders are used primarily to effect service-level goals.· Tracks, calculates and logs dollar-volume of emergency orders and resultant lost obsolescence accrual on a monthly basis.· Establishes and maintains a special-order system and ensures proper information flow regarding special orders to all involved parties.· Minimizes non-standard orders when alternatives exist, respective of service level.· Ensures proper information flow to accounting on non-system orders.· Tracks, calculates and logs non-standard order dollar volume and associated additional cost-of-sales on a monthly basis.· Develops systems for receiving, shipping, logging, tracking and controlling all parts and related documentation daily.· Sources/analyzes parts management and inventory reports daily.· Maintains missing document ledgers and provides to accounting at month-end.· Sources/verifies service and body shop work-in-process reports at month-end.· Completes inventory reconciliation and forwards copy to accounting at month-end.· Tracks and monitors all billings, receivables, claims, and credits to verify accuracy.· Verifies accuracy of cost-of-sale additions on outside and/or non-system purchases.· Provides appreciation/depreciation information to accounting at month-end.· Provides claim information to accounting on timely basis to establish receivables.· Assists accounting with any claims, credit or inventory discrepancies as requested.· Investigates and resolves any inventory discrepancies by month-end. Qualifications· University Degree in Supply Chain, Business Administration or related fieldExperience· 5+ years’ experience in automotive industry; 3 Years of relevant work experience in a Managerial role.Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities· Excellent verbal and written communication skills· Excellent computer skills; MS-Office (Advanced Excel)· In-depth knowledge of automotive parts.· Excellent leadership, management and organizational skills.· Fluent in English and Arabic.

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