Company Name : Pets Corner Salon -AD

Pet Groomer

Pets Corner Salon -AD

Pet Groomer Duties & Responsibilities
A groomer’s daily duties may include:1. Bathing and clipping pets to conform to a variety of breed-specific standard styles2. Detangling and removing matted hair3. Drying the coat4. Checking for parasites and other skin conditions5. Trimming nails6. Cleaning the ears7. Expressing sacs8. Brushing teeth9. Adding bows and nail polish for long or curly haired dog breeds such as poodles and and tzus10. The groomer is also responsible for accommodating any special requests from the owner and informing owners of any health problems discovered during the grooming process.Required experience: at least 2-5 years as a groomer. Experience as a groomer in the UAE is a plus.
Starting salary is dhs 3500-5000 depending on experience plus commission. Salary is inclusive.
Visa and medical insurance will be provided. Annual leave and sick leave as per UAE regulations.Nationality : Preferably Filipino.Location : Works items is Pets Corner Salon in Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi

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