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Planning Manager is responsible for managing the whole process of the planning and budgeting in the company which includes – but not limited to Preparing the appropriate templates to prepare the budget by all concerned departments.• Comply with the approved policy of budgeting regarding the deadlines and the management of the budgeting process.• Receiving the budget estimates from all the departments of the organization and critically examines them for correctness, accuracy and completeness; and conformance with established procedures, regulations, and organizational objectives• Studying the previous budget and also taking into consideration the benefits and losses occurred during the previous financial years, due to budget planning.• Suggesting suitable amendments in the budget to the higher authorities and managerial staff of the concerned department.• Consolidating the data for budget presentation and also providing an overview of the financial status of all the operations.• Rendering financial advice to the management officials of different operations, to undertake proper financial planning and decision making. Analyzing actual results to budgets and forecasts.• Submitting budget reports to the higher management of the organization for further scrutiny and approval in accordance with the approved policy.• Monitoring the budget throughout the year.• Preparing detailed reports pertaining to discrepancies and amendments that occurred in the budget, during the entire financial year also forms an important part of budget analyst job description. This is however done in coordination with the concerned managers of the department or the company.Assisting in projecting future financial needs, taking into considerations the various projects undertaken by the organizations and also help the higher officials in management of financial resources. As an additional part of their job description, budget analysts sometimes ar

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