Procurement Professional|000130 – 5004765HO

The role holder is responsible for leading and managing all procurement activities and taking ownership of the procurement process forDevices & CPEs Category Management ensuring service delivery in a cost-effective manner in line with the stated strategy and defined service level agreements. The role holder shall carry out his duties in accordance with the stipulated business policies and procedures.Participates in the strategy formulation by providing support and inputs to the General Manager – Commercial Procurement.Participates the implementation of the Sector strategy and define the broad outline of the policies and procedures for the Devices & CPEs Category Management Department to drive achievement of the desired objectives.Develops the sourcing strategy for the category and agenda setting with key stakeholders.Defines the cost drivers of the categories in scope and follows their evolution. Anticipates changes in STC needs and market conditions to define sourcing strategies.Develops business cases, including need for cross-functional resources, timeframe and targets.Analyses market studies and dynamics to adapt the sourcing strategy.Participates the discussions for business requirements, project specifications and sector strategy with sector management and suppliers. Analyses historical data to provide demand/consumption trends and track deviations. Ensures all purchasing requests are received, evaluated for completeness and classified according to value (e.g., risk, financial) and assigned to buyers.Takes ownership of execution-focused service delivery functions and processes.Oversees the payment request process after confirmation from business owners of closure of the work order.Predicts categories trends and development (technologies evolution, new business model, suppliers’ consolidation etc.) Supports the Finance Sector by giving clear price roadmap/trends to prepare the budget. Tracks supply market trends (competitive pressures, new entrants, substituting products or services, changes in the value chain) to accordingly build in changes in the Department and ensure alignment to best practices. Develops segmentation criteria and maps supply base to desired relationship type.Coordinates business planning efforts with the General Manager – Commercial Procurement. Manages relationships with external suppliers supporting Devices & CPEs Category Management through the procurement process; selection of appropriate vendor, and evaluation of their service delivery and performance.Ensures an updated database of suppliers and maintains cataloguing of recommended suppliers.Investigates supply and financial risks of suppliers and takes appropriate actions. Develops and communicates reports on department and service delivery status to the General Manager – Commercial Procurement on a periodic basis

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