Project Director

وظائف مديرين /

IntroductionTalentS is an exciting place to be, a young and Saudi company with experience of 14 years in the field of informal learning. With a wide range of activities in different sectors including informal learning spaces design and engineering, learning facilities operations, programs operations, and event operations management. Our subject areas of expertise span STEM, culture, and arts. Education to us is at heart and every endeavor we pursue with the goal of leaving a memorable experience for our visitors and beneficiaries. We work with government and semi-government entities to make their vision a reality, to leave an impact, and deliver with excellence. Clients to us are not means of generating revenues, they’re our friends, we want them to succeed, we want to help them with all we can, because we know, they want to help Saudi grow into vision 2030 and beyond. What wakes you up in the morning?If it is passion, then, you’re heading to the right company.Responsibilitiesplan and execute events and programs, leading teams from the initial conception of the event to its successful completion. This role requires excellent event-planning skills along with the ability to define project milestones and deadlines and coordinate both teams and external contractors to ensure a successful and enjoyable event that meets client’s goals and expectations. balance creativity with logistics, financial planning, and vendor management duties, excel at multitasking and balancing big-picture concerns, and effectively utilized resources and personnel to stage large and small-scale events. Supervising and directing the overall project execution.Cross-functional team coordination (project, content, production, logistics, audience), overseeing the quality of deliverables.Thinking laterally and creatively across project verticals to improve project outcomes, including creating wow-effect events and managing budgets, projects, plans, and staffing.Assuming primary responsibility for client’s relationship and progress reporting.Handling project issue escalation and resolution with the client and senior leadership.Conceptualizing and drafting Project development documents with analytical and logistic aspects.Confident project management professional with strong interpersonal and leadership skills. Develop the Event’s Concept and Plan. Select the Event’s Elements and Vendors. Negotiate Contracts. Manage Event Logistics. Maintain Event Budgets. Collaborate with Clients Before and During Events. Staffing the right person for the right task QualificationsLeading Skills.Strong Command of the English language.Managing teams and multitasking.Bachelor’s degree in ART or relative.Saudi Preferred

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