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Property Manager

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غير معلَن

Job Description: Property ManagerWe are seeking a competent and experienced Property/Facilities Manager to oversee and maintain the value of our properties. As a Property/Facilities Manager, you will be responsible for addressing tenant needs, coordinating maintenance and repairs, managing vendor relationships, ensuring compliance with regulations, and overseeing the financial aspects of the properties. This role requires strong management skills, excellent communication abilities, and attention to detail.Responsibilities:* Conduct property inspections and coordinate maintenance and repair activities.* Handle tenant inquiries, complaints, and lease agreements.* Collect rent payments and manage the financial aspects of the properties.* Ensure compliance with local housing laws and regulations.* Manage vendor relationships and contracts.* Maintain knowledge of all our developments and DLD procedure documentation.* Assist in marketing property vacancies to attract prospective tenants.* Maintain a database of our commercial, industrial, and residential properties available on the market.* Attend property viewings with prospective buyers and tenants.* Provide excellent customer service and promote the company’s services.Qualifications and Skills:* Previous experience in property management or a related field.* Knowledge of local housing laws and regulations.* Strong management and communication skills.* Detail-oriented with excellent problem-solving abilities.* Proficiency in property management software and the Microsoft Office suite.Note: This job description provides a general overview of the responsibilities and qualifications required for a Property/Facilities Manager. Specific requirements may vary based on the company’s portfolio and needs.

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