Risk Engineer, Senior Officer

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SUMMARY:To assess the potential financial risks arising from the provision of certain insurance coverage. Deliver information on how to reduce risk. Emphases in fires, theft, engineering insurance, accidents and general obligations. Also, examine documents such as application forms, inspection report, past claims, and medical reports to determine degree of risk from such factors as applicant financial standing, business operations loss experience value and condition of property, inventory and equipment.KEY ACTIVITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE DEPARTMENT:Participate in the development, review and implementation of management plans.Risk assessment by conducting appropriate research.Supervising the tasks relating to Pre-Risk Surveys (Property & Engineering)Conduct detailed site surveys, in addition to reporting.Make sure that all documents submitted by customers are valid, legal and in accordance with regulatory requirements.Presenting detailed risk engineering reports to underwriters, along with the required risk improvement/ loss control measuresConducting various surveys of property risks with high insured valuesEmphases in fires, theft, engineering insurance, accidents and general obligations.Investigate colossal failures to determine the level of responsibility of different parties.Conduct assessments to identify and analyse potential risks.Assess the risk by considering its consequences.Design processes and procedures to eliminate or mitigate potential risks.Ensure proper and timely handling of client’s requests.Provide the required information and statistics.Ensure compliance with underwriting and company’s guidelines.Ensure quality service to the client by coordinating with all departments.Update appropriate parties as needed, providing new facts as they become available and their impact upon the liability.Consults with field representative, insurance agents, or brokers, and other insurance or inspection companies to obtain further information, quotes, or explain company underwriting policies.Preparation of Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports and submit to General underwriting ManagerEnsure operating standards and procedures are followed correctly and applied.Ensure compliance with the General insurance Code of Practice.Key Result Areas :Conducting various surveys of property risks with high insured values.Providing field inspection reports and and EML recommendations.Presenting detailed risk reports to underwriters, along with the required risk improvement/ loss control measuresProviding Loss Assessment Reports on risks accumulation.Cycle Time: Insurance Coverage Offer / Inspection.Accurate of Percentage to identify potential risks.Average of assess the risk. Technical/Behavioral Skills :TechnicalKnowledge of concepts of insurance.Knowledge of Commercial Insurance Risk Engineering and safety guidance.knowledge to evaluate, inspect, and understand technical informationTechnical Understanding of underwriting methods.In-depth understanding of legal regulations.Analytical and problem-solving skills.Ability to organize, document, and control both digital and physical data.Inspection, engineering and quality controlAble to organize and priorities own workload.BehavioralInterpersonal skills and ability to communicate and work effectively with all levels of the organization.Customer Oriented.English language.Team WorkComputer SkillsDecision-making skills.Ability to work under pressure.Ensure Compliance Qualifications: Degree in Mechanical or Civil Engineering, Safety and related.Experience: 4 years of experience in risk engineer or Equivalent in insurance field

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