Senior Manager Public Relations & Communications

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  • Saudi Arabia

The ideal candidate will exhibit high standards, excellent communication skills, and have an ability to take initiative, and prioritize daily tasks. A strong ability to take charge and meet tight deadlines will ensure your success in this multi-faceted role.Job Objective:To lead and direct Adaa’s Public Relations and Communications to attract potential strategic partners and fulfilment agencies, drive public awareness campaigns and programs showcasing the organizations’ products and services to the public, and secure cooperation from public and private agencies and institutions, whilst strategically managing the reputation of Adaa.Responsibilities: Oversee the development of Public Relations & Communications long-term strategies targeting all relevant online and offline media to establish and maintain a positive organization image and identity and promote the organization’s initiatives.Approve PR and Communications yearly events and initiatives schedule and determine the need to outsource vendor/agency support.Guide CSR programs and initiatives and ensure compliance with social responsibility guidelines and procedures in order to promote the organization and ensure impact.Approve Global PR and Communications Strategy in accordance with Adaa’s core messages and values and internal rules and procedures in order to ensure organizational consistency. Identify and lead relations with potential strategic partners to uphold and promote Adaa’s image and liaise with peer agencies in order to leverage Adaa’s position on the local, regional, and international levels.Guide Crisis Management Communication Strategies by capitalize on values and ensuring related activities are aligned to organizational purpose, mandate, agreed standards, utilizing a variety of channels and mediums.Lead the creation of a Local communications approach aimed at articulating the Adaa story, its product offerings and Corporate Social Responsibility efforts across its broad stakeholder base. Drive the articulation of Adaa’s desired image and branding in alignment best practice direction, programs, initiatives, and pursuant updates in order to reflect a clear commitment to Adaa’s vision.Facilitate development and implementation of comprehensive internal and external communication strategies across multiple channels.Establish and maintain frameworks and standards for all communication activities and define the strategy and approach for developing plans and guidelines based on the communication strategy to ensure consistent brand image.Oversee the development of a global communications approach aimed at articulating the Adaa story, its product offerings and Corporate Social Responsibility efforts across its broad stakeholder base.Oversee the development of appropriate digital and social media channels that allow for digital integration, varied communication channels and increased speed and personalization.Lead the development of a coherent and comprehensive communications strategy that supports the overall strategic direction of Adaa including Crisis Communication Plan, Senior Leadership Visibility Program, and Website Development. Oversee development of timely and periodic reports on Public Relations and Communications short term objectives and strategies for senior management.Provide leadership in Adaa with up to date information on Adaa’s positioning and brand and potential need for crisis management.Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Media and Communications, Public Relations, Journalism, or a relevant field.Preferably a master’s degree in communications, marketing, media / MBA and relevant certifications in Public Relations from accredited bodies10+ years of experience in a similar position

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