Senior Structural Engineer

وظائف مهندسين /

Responsibilities:Discuss thoroughly all the progress of the project with the PM and prepare updated tracking reports on weekly basis for the assigned projects. · Supervise all the Structural Engineers & Draftsmen under his team.· Study and apply all of the principles, standards, codes, and proper practice.· Review all documents which are connected to the project.· Keep in sight of all assigned projects, making sure that all is in track.· Provides technical support to their subordinates, preparing calculation and report if required.· Reviewing the Shop Drawing issued by CAD Draftsman / BIM Moulders.· Ensure that all RFC’s (request for clarification) are implemented on the Shop Drawings / BIM Model.· Ensure all the model element to be as per latest approved materials/ contracts documents.· Sending RFC (Request for Clarification) to the consultant.· Following up the Consultant’s approvals and sharing with him any workshops and technical discussions and Meetings along with any third party or specialist till completion of engineering works.     · Study and apply all of the principles, standards, codes and proper practice.· Review all documents which are connected to the project.· Supervise all the Structural Engineers & Sr. Draftsmen & Draftsmen under his team.· Making sure that the quality of all the technical submittals (shop drawings, Materials, etc..) is based on the Al Bawani Drafting Guidelines & Shop Drawing Checklist.· Having a good knowledge for technical coordination between all the project parties.· Prepare reports, designs, and Calculations as per codes & standards and review shop drawings.· Review Design reports, Models, Calculations, and drawings and prepare comments and findings reports for any deficiencies, propose practical solutions to facilitate construction works and finalize design issues with the project designer before the shop drawings stage. · Having a good knowledge for technical coordination between all the project parties.· Consider the strength of construction materials and select appropriately as per project requirements. · Provide technical advice and support for the construction team to facilitate consultant and client approvals.· Prepare MRs for the assigned scope of works based on project documents & References and coordinate with procurement dept. till release P.O.    · Obtain planning and/or building regulations approval.· Analyse configurations of the basic components of a structure.· Liaise with professional staff such as architects and engineers.· Use computer-aided design technology for simulation purposes.· Advanced knowledge of construction methods, materials, and legal regulations.· Sound understanding of physics and mathematics.· Ability to liaise with professionals from other disciplines.· Three-dimensional conceptual skills.· Analytical thinker with strong problem-solving skills.· Meticulous attention to detail with superb organizational skills.Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.

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