Strategy Management Professional|000059 – 5003071HO

وظائف مديرين /

Jobs at this level are responsible for developing stc’s corporate/tech & ops/business strategy in consultation with other sector, translating strategic goals into quantifiable targets and high-level strategic initiatives. They are also responsible for supporting organizational decision – making through efficient analysis of data and information related to stc’s current performance, partnership opportunities, market trends investment opportunities and risks.Strategic Planning: Manage the development of stc’s corporate/tech & ops/business strategy in consultation with other sectors.Formulate and articulate strategy and goals and ensures its constant updating. Ensure implementation of framework for carrying out internal/external strategic analysis, identifying scenarios, assessing options for way forward and formulates recommendations to the Board of Directors.Consolidate sectors and OpCos input on strategic analysis and considers amending stc’s strategy. Conduct strategic workshops to align stakeholders and seek inputs on future directions for Sectors, and participates/facilitates if required to gather the information needed.Ensure development of competitive analysis by leveraging input from all sectors and market research agencies to be included as an input for strategy formulation.Scan external environment and conduct meetings and discussions with internal and external telecom industry experts for collecting the latest trends and best practices.Conduct feasibility studies, participates in preparing market forecasts and activity plans, and tracks progress and business outcomes. Work with Experts to align on key strategic topics and 3-year strategic planning process.Generic Role: Coordinate across a number of work units within the specified area of work, to ensure efficient work flows and accurate outputs. Manage allocation of work plans to the team and ensures that necessary reports and analyses are available on time for management decision making purposes. Participate in the development of policies, and procedures related to partnerships, business development, performance planning and Strategy, Data Analysis & Reporting, in compliance with all relevant procedural and legislative requirements. Ensure effective monitoring of the performance of various sectors against strategic plans and targets, to ensure adherence to established plan. Identify, assesses and drives investment opportunities that would enhance stc’s business, in line with strategic aspirations. Review all reports developed by the reporting team pertaining to strategy, planning and other aspects and forwards the same to management to highlight key statistics. Participate in preparing respective budgets, ensures adherence and highlights discrepancies through effective monitoring

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